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Power Antivirus 2009 Removal Instructions

This is not a secret that many threats are waiting for their victims in the web; Power Antivirus 2009, unfortunately, is just a new but primitive clone of such fake antispyware as Win Antivir 2008 and Win Antivirus 2008; like its predecessors, Power Antivirus 2009 generates scan window in order to scare users with bogus […]

Win Antivir 2008 Removal Instructions

Internet is not a pretty safe place even if you believe any suspicious web-sites have never been visited by you and you have no intention to do so. Even reliable sites might be infected. Despite experts’ statements that Win Antivir 2008 (WinAntivir 2008) must be manually installed, it is very likely that it was Win […]

XLife Guarder Security Center (XLGuarder) Removal Instructions

XLife Guarder Security Center (XLGuarder) removal is a must for users who care about their machines. Remove XLGuarder if you have seen XLG Security Center scan window. Do not trust those advisers which do not understand that scan by this malware is just an effect after its installation, and to remove XLG Security Center is […]

PCHealthCenter Removal Instructions

Remove PCHealthCenter (PC Health Center) as this is neither useful nor harmless application. It is even better that this malware produces frequent pop-ups as at least users may see that something is going wrong. However, it is not good to follow the advices of this cheeky worm trying to eliminate fake danger declared by PCHealthCenter; […]

Antivirus 2008 Pro (Antivirus2008 Pro) Removal Instructions

Have you ever been redirected to Antivirus 2008 Pro (Antivirus2008Pro) web-site or have you seen its on-line scan? If you have, it is a true sign of infection, and we recommend you to remove Antivirus 2008 Pro immediately. As you might have already known, malware may completely destroy any system if ignored; therefore we are […]

IE Antivirus 3.3 Removal Instructions

IE Antivirus 3.3 (IEAntivirus 3.3) is not just a following modification of IE.Antrivirus fake antispyware. Of course, in terms of its usefulness, IE.Antrivirus 3.3 does not differ from IE.Antrivirus 3.2…i.z.; what is new, though, is the way of intrusion, based on installation of another adware program, called by experts IE.Antrivirus 3.3 trial. This application is […]