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“Warning! spyware detected on your computer” Removal Instructions

“Warning! spyware detected on your computer” – I would better tell you my story, it has happened to me nearly 8 years  ago. I saw this message and, of course, had no intention to remove it from my computer, as almost everyone ignored it. I was working for rather medium-size wholesale company in those times, […]

Warning! Win32/privacyremover.M64 Removal Instructions

Many users are making complaints on XLGuarder’s activity. One of the signs of its presence is “Warning!Win32/privacyremover.M64“ alert, which is also treated as harmful effect after this malware activity. However, this message may also be associated to other malware. It is recommended to apply complex malware removal tool in order to remove “Warning!Win32/privacyremover.M64“ alert, as […]

XP-Guard Removal Instructions

XP-Guard 2.1 has been concocted by Pandora Software, notorious group of malware developers and promoters. Get rid of  XP-Guard; despite this so called antispyware has just been released, experts have no doubts that this program is not just useless, but also very harmful. Your privacy, your data and your operating system are unsafe while this […] Removal Instructions

W32.Myzor.FK@yf is back! For experts in malware this is a long-expecting event, and some of them, probably, have started to doubt whether this primitive trickery would ever return. What is This is the new site, like already dozens of others, nearly 100% the same in appearance and in content. Stay away from this site; […]

Antivir64 Removal Instructions

Get rid of Antivir64, this is another bogus and malignant antispyware; one of those Internet abounds with. Antivir64 has these two digits in its denomination, probably, to remind users of the year of 1964, when everything and everyone seem to be reliable and with good intentions, unlike things today are all for profits and there […]

Antispyware 2008 XP Removal Instructions

Summer 2008 release of malware, Antispyware 2008 XP (Antispyware2008XP) is marketed mainly from banners and pop-ups placed at popular web-sites. Seems to be a fair way of advertisement? But users which visited after clicking the above ads web-site of Antispyware 2008 XP often get trial version uploaded in their computer without invitation, and single deletion […]